Bargfrede appreciating "the little things"

Bargfrede on the charms of everyday life
Philipp Bargfrede is seeing the positives despite the ongoing situation (Photo: nordphoto).
First Team
Saturday, 28.03.2020 / 10:02

Von Philipp Burde

From training on the pitch and sessions in the weights room to regular games on the weekends, the life of a professional footballer is fairly non-stop. Even in the summer holidays and in the winter break, athletes have only a small amount of free time. One of such athletes is Philipp Bargfrede, who can not only take advantage of the chance to recuperate, but also can appreciate the little things in daily life.

 “I think that in our normal everyday life, we are not really aware of basic things like health, family and friends,” explains the 31-year-old. One of the reasons for this is the society and that the country that we live in means that many people are wealthy. Bargfrede believes that the country is becoming more aware during the ongoing coronavirus crisis. “You can tell, that now that everything has shut down people are concentrating on the little things.”

It's the same situation for Bargfrede at home. As a family man, the midfielder will now and again assume the role of ‘teacher’ at home in these strange times. “Of course, my kids ask questions, wondering why we can’t go outside, and why we have to stay inside permanently,” explains Bargfrede. To make things easier, the midfielder has an ace up his sleeve. “There are some nice videos that help explain the situation to the children.”

Outside of his teaching hours, the Bremen player enjoys being in the garden, which lets his children and his wife have a little amount of exercise. “it is lucky we have a garden, so that we can blow off steam. At the moment, there’s even good weather too – nothing like the Bremen skiing weather,” Bargfrede says with a smile. But despite his statement, he would definitely swap the warm temperatures for a normal footballing daily life.


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