A happy moment

Marco Friedl on Ole Werner, a special photo and the hierarchy in defence

Marco Friedl in the Mixed Zone (Photo: nordphoto).
First Team
Wednesday, 26.01.2022 / 17:03

After the thrilling 4-3 win away in Paderborn, spirits are high on the Weser. In an interview on Wednesday, centre-back Marco Friedl spoke about the impact the new head coach has had in recent weeks and what the hierarchy within the backline is like.

Marco Friedl on...

...the current successful run: “Personally, the season in which I joined Werder when we ended with 56 points was a really great time. We easily made it through the second half of the season back then. The last few years have been plagued by some difficult phases, when we often didn’t play well at all. There has been a lot of unrest within the club, but it’s since been resolved. We can focus on our work, which is clear to see on the pitch. The results speak for themselves. We are on a good run right now and really want to continue on like this. Because of that, the phase we’re in at the moment feels really good.”

...Ole Werner: “He’s very calm and chill off the pitch as well, which brings in a sense of peace. We have grown closer as a team, which you can see out on the pitch. He gives us clear instructions and knows how to interact with us players. I’m very happy that he is our coach.”

...the photo taken inside the dressing room in Paderborn: “The photo really reflects our current situation. Everyone is happy about how things are going right now. That helps us become even closer as a team. We don’t want this winning run to end, but instead want to continue giving it everything. You could see evidence of that in Paderborn. We never gave up. Our fighting spirit was clear to see over the full 90 minutes, even if we didn’t play incredibly well. Even the players that haven’t played much lately look super happy in the photo. That really speaks to the team we have, and it makes me very happy.”

...potentially leaving the club in the winter: “I’m 100% committed here. I have goals with the team as well as personal goals, which I want to achieve. That’s why I’m not even thinking about leaving.”

...the hierarchy in defence: "Ömer is our leader, and we all play alongside him. That’s logical. He’s our captain, as well as the oldest and most experienced player. We feel good playing next to him and we always try to keep a clean sheet. When we manage that, like against Düsseldorf, then it always feels good. After games like the one in Paderborn, then we sit in the dressing room after and although we’re happy to have won, we’re also frustrated because we didn’t want to concede three times.”

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